Weight Loss

weigth loss

Weight Loss

One good thing about being sick and taking Tramadol (I’m assuming it is Tramadol) is that I have lost a ton of weight since this all started. I have lost 30 pounds in 2022 already. Now that may sound like a ton of weight, but when you weigh 250 pounds that is a drop in the bucket.

So why am I losing so much weight, you ask? Simple enough, I’m not eating. I’m putting away less than 500 calories a day and some days, I’m intaking half of that number. I have zero appetite, no hunger pangs and no ill effects of not taking in more calories. I’m not dizzy, or lightheaded, none of that, so, I’m just not eating. I know I need to eat, so I eat a small dinner, about a 1/3 to 1/4 of what I normally eat and off comes the weight.

I guess I will meet my new year’s resolution or lose weight very quickly this year.

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