Specialty Pharmacies


Specialty pharmacies are a joke, at least Walgreens is. For my weekly injection of Enbrel, they call me about a week out (I will have one spare injection in case they screw this up, and well they do), and try to arrange to deliver it. But what they don’t tell you is if you don’t answer one of their three phone call attempts, they will cancel your prescription. In my case I had been dealing with some cardiac issues and I actually ended up in the hospital. Long story short, I called them and they told me that I’m in a “no go”, status, which means they have to have their pharmacist review my prescription, reach out to my doctor and make sure it is medically necessary and then they will ship it, so I’m a while out until I receive my next shipment. This is such a freaking hassle and shouldn’t be this way. I’m not sure why they can’t make this easier for the patient. Why can’t it be shipped to the local store, or why is it such a game every time I call to arrange a shipment. For the first several months, I had to call them which meant not only did I have to deal with all the other issues going on, but I had to call them and jump through their damn hoops just to get a prescription.

Then there is the time, that I called, some guy answered, he asked for my name and date of birth, which I supplied, and then he said “Goodbye” and disconnected me and hung up. I called backed immediately and spoke to a different person who asked me the same questions and she quickly handed me off to someone else which was the wrong department. Go Figure!

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