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Enbrel Injections

Contents of the PackageI received a package from Enbrel today, it contained a nice set of instructions, FAQs and how-to’s and a nice little insulated travel pouch to put my injectors in. Thank you very much Enbrel

What I found missing were any instructions on how to use the pouch effectively and it would have been nice if they put a little reusable ice block with it. So my question is do I put ice inside the insulated bag or store the closed bag inside an ice chest? I think that the concept is to put the carrying pouch inside the white plastic bag and then put that in an ice chest.

I really appreciate their thinking on this, but it just seems to fall a little short, kind of like the sharps container and alcohol wipes.

The wipes really get me, I know they are cheap and I could easily pick them up myself (which I did), but Enbrel being a biologic, one would think that they would send you wipes and preach about using them in an effort to help keep infections at the injection site down.


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