No Joke

Enbrel Injections

I’m so reluctant to post this, but maybe someone out there can use this. RA and Fibro are no joke. I never imagined myself as a 50yo and need help walking at times, some days (like today) barely being able to get out of bed (it’s 3p.m. and I’m on my third nap).The physical pain and mental anguish can at times be too much, which turns into depression. The self doubt from feeling so tired, so exhausted, so useless also turns into depression. This shit is no joke.

I was once a very active, physically fit US Marine and today I can’t get out of bed. This mornings strip to the farmers market has done me in.

I’m not looking for sympathy, that’s not me, but this blog is a way for me share with others.

I will keep fighting!!!!! If you are dealing with something like this, you CAN keep fighting too, you must!!!!

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