My Symptoms

Vision problems – For me, I tend to have blurred vision in the left eye when I start to overdo it. I will lose vision in that eye for short periods of time (5-10 minutes). Usually resting restores things back to normal for me. This is a good indicator that I’m pushing and I will have further issues if I don’t take a break.

Abnormal sensations (Partial numbness, tingling, buzzing, and vibration sensations) – For me, my left side is usually numb. I also often have shooting pains like stabbing or burning in random locations. They come and go without warning. Ignoring them usually works.  Like the sharp pain the palm of my right hand.

Impaired thinking (Short-term and long-term memory problems, forgetfulness, slow word recall) – Problems with thinking occur in about half of people with MS. For most, this means slowed thinking, decreased concentration, or decreased memory. Approximately 10% of people with the disease have a severe impairment that significantly impairs their ability to carry out tasks of daily living. For me, it is usually slow thinking with word recall, forgetfulness, and short term memory loss. This was one of my very first symptoms along with numbness.

Spasticity (Jerking and twitching muscles, tics, often noticeable) –  Spasticity usually affects the muscles of the legs and arms, and may interfere with a persons ability to move those muscles freely. This is usually constant in one location or the other in my body. More annoying than anything else.

Fatigue –  This is my downfall. I usually get tired after 10-15 minutes of strenuous activity. However, we have been working on ways for me to “bounce” back quicker.

Heat sensitivity (Increase in severity of symptoms with heat) –  This has been a problem in the past, but we again are working on overcoming or working around it.

Dizziness – This is a more recent event for me, but it has not been a player at this point.

Tremors – For me, it is more of a vibration than a tremor. Not an issue for day to day things.

Loss of awareness of the location of body parts – Usually this occurs at night, not normally a big issue.

Shaking when performing fine movements – This occurs often, not much that can be done.

Inappropriately cold body parts – Usually my right hand and my left knee are cold. So while you are all sweating, I will be cool, well at least two spots will be.

Mood swings – This is a kicker, so if I go to my tent to be alone, might be a good idea to leave me be for a while.

Numbness – My entire left side is numb. I often burn or cut myself without noticing.Coordination and balance – I get clumsy now and I fall down more often.

Bladder or bowel problems – Loss of sensation during urination, recurring urinary tract infections

Anxiety – Off and on

Paralysis – Total or near total loss of muscle strength – This has not happened in a year or so, but when it does, it is a total system shutdown for 5-10 minutes, then everything is usually back to normal.

Depression – New symptom for me in the past few months. Not thoughts of killing myself or others, just usually feel lonely and hypersensitive feelings.

Respiratory problems – Not really breathing problems, more of the sensation of breathing problems. When relaxed I may feel like there is a weight on my chest and I can’t get enough air. Talking to me normally works and gets me through it.

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