My Phone Dilemma

I told everyone that I have a solution to my cell phone problem. Well my cell phone technically isn’t the problem, me dropping it is the problem.

After destroying the screen twice, I decided that I will try something different. I researched for a case that offered decent protection from being dropped as well as has a lanyard. After looking at hundreds of cased, I selected the ZIZO Bolt Series for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case Military Grade Drop Tested with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Holster in red from Amazon. Of course I ordered one in red, which is my favorite color. When it arrived I liked everything it had to offer except the stick on screen protector, which didn’t really hug to the curved sides of my Note8.

The lanyard was strong enough, but it was made of a thin strip of cloth that basically didn’t really fit how I wanted to use it, plus it was very long. I shortened the lanyard by a quick snip and stitching the ends together. After I used it for a week, I found that it just didn’t meet my needs. So I took some 550 para cord, in red of course, and cut it to the length I wanted and then melted the two ends together to make a loop. I then used a slightly stronger ring as the one they used bent a little out of shape after my first test drop. When I was done, I had a reliable strong lanyard that remained slightly open at the one end, so I could quickly and easily slip my hand in to put on my wrist.

Now, every time I get out of my truck I slip it on my wrist as an added level of protection.

The case also supported the small steel plate that I affixed on the back to use with my magnetic dash mouth.

Problem Solved!

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