Gastroenterologist appointment


Gastroenterologist appointment

I made it to my gastroenterologist appointment, and I’m all out of pain meds, I have been milking what I have, taking fists full of OTC pain meds, just to make it to this appointment.

Long story short, I see the doctor and he tells me that he doesn’t think that I need a colonoscopy as I had one two years ago, he thinks that I might get some benefit from an endoscopy, as all the test results look fine and nothing jumps out at him. I ask him (I feel like I’m a drug addict now) for some more pain meds to get me through to the endoscopy. He writes me for 20 more Tramadol which I’m ecstatic about.

I got the endoscopy and well, the results revealed….. nothing, absolutely nothing at all, everything is normal. My only saving grace at this point is that I have a rheumatologist appointment in a week.

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