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Back To Work Sign

I was fortunate enough to have some leave saved up and knowing that I might have a rough time with the Enbrel injections I was able to take some time off and work with my boss to telework some time so I can get accustomed to how I feel after the injections. I had read on some Facebook support groups for Enbrel that I might experience some troubles getting accustomed to the injections. I’m glad I took the time off from being on-site.

Today is my first day back at work and well, it went well. I wasn’t nauseated or dizzy, but I’m still wiped out at the end of my work day. My brain is all over the place and I can’t type for crap, but I’m moving forward. It seems that the pain is way down as is the stiffness. Too bad that I’m still taking all the meds, ugh I really want to get off the Hydroxychloroquine and cut back on the gaba (the weight gain is killer with that junk, but it certainly works for me).

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